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Prayer Requests

Shana G.
Posted on 11/9/2016 • Crisis
1 prayers
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Please say a prayer for Sandra Shorter for healing in her body

kristofer p.
Posted on 8/1/2016 • Depression
1 prayers
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I have been depressed for many years now.I have always had mental problems, social problems, and other challenging circumstances in my life. I always had problems talking with the opposite sex, maintaining friendships with people, not just women. I went to a head doctor and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. My depression has worsened because i feel guilty about something that i did, it wasn't wrong or illegal or anything like that, but i think it was poor judgement on my part and because of this everyday is like hell. I don’t think i can cope, i am hanging on for dear life, i feel like committing suicide. This depression has been going on for over a decade now, and i think I’ve made it worse by another bad decision. I ASK FOR YOUR PRAYERS PLEASE

Posted on 3/7/2016 • Salvation
1 prayers
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I request prayer over our church that we may be true followers of Christ! I ask for a greater desire to speak only His truths and revelations of the spirit and that the body will gain a great desire to search the word for themselves so that we may be able to discern false teachers and also that we are comforted by the word of the Lord to boldly profess the good news to the ones we come in contact with. And that we become ferverant in prayer for those around us and in our lives for our church community, the community where our church resides, and the communities of the believers who make up the body of True Foundation. That we teach the youth the good news and trust that the words of God are enough so that they may grow to have a genuine faith in the cross! That we continue to seek sanctification from the Holy Spirit and to love one another how the word of God has Called us to love each other!

Prayer Answered!

Monday, March 07, 2016: I shared my first Good News with a friend boldly and truthfully and in love, being the hands and feet of Christ because I know of my own I wouldnt have because I think only of myself but once I crucified my flesh, the light that shines from within took over! My desire to read and understand the word of God has increased double fold I want to spend all my time in the spirit now that my eyes can see and my ears can hear the true meaning of the cross! Thanks pastor for preaching the truth! I love you.

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